10 Oct

Go Above and Beyond – Gutter Cleaning and Christmas Light installation for Your Denver-Area Home

As the temperatures cool and people start preparing for winter, Signature Window Washing switches its focus to season-specific services like gutter cleaning and professional hanging of Christmas lights. If you want unprecedented services that will protect your property and make your home look amazing for the holidays, you should learn more about what Signature Window Washing can do for you.

Beautify Your Home With Christmas Lights

It’s that time year again, Christmas is right around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about hanging Christmas lights, so you collect the boxes, make some hot chocolate and start working on lights with the family.  Your only a few minutes in when you realize that even though you tried to separate lights and put them away in an organized manner you are untangling them anyways.  After a while the family is fighting, tension is high, and the family time has now become a high-stress situation that leaves you untangling lights by yourself.

The lights are finally free from themselves, you plug them in to make sure they are all working properly. Sections of your lights are dark, so you begin the long tedious process of removing each bulb and replacing it to see which problem child is causing the electrical current to be interrupted.   After long hours of preparing the lights, you go to the garage to get the ladder. Setting it up is another process.

The ladder is up, you search for the tools and hardware that never seems to be placed back in the correct spot.  At this point, the fun family time has been replaced with nothing else but frustration.  You hang lights to best of your ability, finishing just as darkness is setting in.  You feel proud that you have completed your long task that has now engulfed your entire day.  You run inside to get your family to show off your completed masterpiece.  The lights are droopy, hanging in all directions, unevenly spaced but they are up.  The family is already over it, so they kindly say, “nice job, they look great.”  What they really mean is, that took you all day? Why isn’t the tree wrapped? Why are there all those lights bunched in the corner?

The next night you come home from work and turn on your lights just to realize that sections are no longer glowing bright your house looks like only half a home in the dark.  Its late and you can’t see to fix them. Now the question is do you spend another entire day fixing the lights or do leave them and make jokes to your wife like “look at this way honey, you can pretend you only have half a house to clean.” I promise she won’t find it as funny as you do.  She may wish that you would have fallen off of that ladder while hanging lights the other day.

I have a better solution.  Call Signature Window Washing! We at Signature take pride in making your dream a reality.  You give us a call, we will schedule a time to come out and meet with you and listen to your needs, your wants, your concerns and most of all your ideas of perfection.

At Signature Window Washing all of our lighting packages include the design, the lights, the hardware, installation, servicing of lights (should the need arise), and removal of the lights in January.  We are trained and certified affiliates of the wehangchristmaslights.com & C.L.I.P.A. network that uses only commercial grade, professional lighting materials.

So, let’s recap. You could turn a family event into a frustrating ball of tangled, broken, and sad looking lights or you could hire the professionals and drink your warm cup of hot chocolate while you watch Signature Window Washing hang your lights for you.  If you want your sanctuary to be festive with elegant lights that are symmetrical and create a warm and inviting feeling, then call Signature Window Washing.

Even better though, let’s say that you pull into your driveway and you realize that one of the lights is burnt out or broken, you just pick up the phone.  You call Signature and you let us know that you have a light out and we will send our technicians out to fix it for you immediately.  When the season is over and it’s time, we at Signature Window Washing will come to remove all lights and hardware without leaving a trace that we or the lights were ever there.  You don’t have to worry about the risk of climbing a ladder, removing lights or storing them.  When Christmas time comes back around you just call Signature Window Washing and we will come to do the process all over again.  Mention that you read our blog and we will even bring you and your family hot chocolate and marshmallows!

Get Your Gutters Cleaned to Avoid Property Damage

It’s raining outside, as the raindrops make music from the structures surrounding you, you grab a blanket to wrap around yourself and enjoy the angelic feeling of complete relaxation.  As you take a slow breath to fill your lungs, you’re taken aback by the overwhelming smell of mildew.  Confused as to why you’re not surrounded by the fresh, clean scent of the rain you throw your blanket off to investigate.  Your creeping around your home like a crazy person smelling everything you walk by when you realize it is coming from your walls.

Your peaceful evening just turned into a massive home renovation completed by the one and only YOU! You won’t stop until you find what it is that is causing the fumes that are making your head throb and your eyes water.  You have found it! Water has made it way down your walls and allowed mildew or even mold to take up residence in your home.  It has damaged your foundation, not that it matters now since you have just torn down parts of your walls.  Realizing that you have no idea how you are going to fix these problems it’s time to call a professional.

The next morning you are frantically calling mold remediation companies who can come out right now and handle your overwhelming disaster.  You finally find one, they will be here today.  When the company arrives, they walk around your property which feels like a decade.  The technician finally is finished, they tell you that your disaster has been caused by a small problem.  Relived you heavily sigh and ask what do I do to fix it? As they start talking, your heart skips a beat and your hands become clammy. They are teaching you about gutters, you’re thinking what does this have to do with my home?

Gutters are designed to evacuate water away from your house. Debris makes this impossible.  When leaves and debris are caught in your gutters, the water takes the path of least resistance causing it to flood under your roof.  If left untreated, water will make its way into your walls and can even penetrate the foundation causing mildew and mold to grow.   This problem can cost thousands of dollars to rectify.  You now have clogged gutters, a mold problem, and walls that need to be replaced.  What do you do? You cry, then you fork out thousands of dollars, but you must do it soon.  When it snows outside, and your gutters are clogged, the snow that melts during the day could turn into ice causing what is known as an ice damn in your gutters.  This causes damage to your gutters and may result in having to replace the gutter themselves.

A better alternative would be to prevent the problem before it starts.  Every year you call Signature Window Washing and we will come to do a pre-inspection of your gutters and your downspouts.  We will take photos and videos, so you can see what they look like without having to lug the ladder around and risk falling off of it just to see if they need to be cleaned.  If your gutters don’t need to be cleaned, we will smile and tell you to have a nice a day, free of charge.  If they do need cleaning, we will clean them out manually verifying each downspout is properly working and all gutters are free of debris. Once we have completed the job, we at Signature Window Washing will take photos and video to put your mind at ease and make sure that you are 110% satisfied with the work.

Here at Signature Window Washing safety is paramount we teach all of our technicians how to be safe at all times. If need be, they will anchor to the roof. We take all necessary precautions to keep our technicians, yourself and your home safe at all times. We are fully insured with over 10 years of experience. Put simply, we aim to please.

Signature Window Washing for Gutter Cleaning and Christmas Light Installation

Signature Window Washing has a reputation for its honesty and willingness to go the extra mile for clients. Signature Guarantee: If for whatever reason you are unhappy just give us a call within 7 days and we will do whatever it takes to turn that frown upside down.

Contact Signature Window Washing today to get a price estimate for your gutter cleaning and holiday light installation needs.


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